Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Site Builder?

Well it is a site that creates sites.  Someone with little or no experiences can create his/her own site.

What will it cost me?

The use of site builder comes absolutely free of charge.

For whom is the sitebuilder intended?

The sitebulder is intended for people who want to create a site but are unsure of what to ask or expect from companies or freelancers. The creator of this site believes that people should try before they buy and not order something blindly. 

So this site is intended for potential customers instead of people that just want a free site?


How do I use it?

First you need a username and password in order to login. Then you can change the site appearance and create web pages and more.

Does your sitebuilder includes the "x" feature I saw in the "y" site?

So far we tried to keep the site simple. There are hundreds of features that could be added upon order.Some of them include:logo slideshow, word processor, multilanguage, smart page and many more.

How can i pay?

Paypal is a good option. We can negotiate that after the demo site is built.

Can I send feedback?

Yes there is a feedback form. Check help link.

I have more questions can you help?

Absolutely. Please email me at sbaibos@gmail.com



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