Philosophy for children

Why is the banana yellow?

P4C Philosophy for Children


Don’t worry! We don’t read Plato to children.

Philosophy for children builds on their vital curiosity about the many things that children love to think and to talk about. For instance

-       Why is the banana yellow?

-       Why is time so slow sometimes?

-       Are ghosts real or not?

-       Why are there so many trees in the forest?

-       Does my teddy bear have dreams at night?

-       Is it really true that the moon is far away?

-       Where did grandma go when she died?

-       What does it mean to have a best friend?

-       What does is really mean to be a “good” child?

Philosophy for children is stretching their emotional and intellectual capacities in a sensible way. P4C improves their thinking skills and the personal attitudes necessary to communicate successfully with peers and parents. P4C offers kids an excellent opportunity to learn how to construct arguments and how to use arguments in response to criticism.